A US soaring contest scoring system

About Winscore:

Winscore is a robust and easy to use Windows based scoring program for soaring contests in the US.  The scoring program is used at soaring contests to calculate contestant speeds, distances, scores, and to generate score sheets. The scoring program also can generate .zip files which contains the GPS flight traces (.igc files) and scoring information (.xml) for each contestant. These .zip files can then be put on a web page where Internet users can view a replay of the contestant's flights for that day.

Download Winscore:

Winscore Program (Win 8, Win 10):

Winscore Source Code

The Winscore source code and related files are available on GitHub. Feel free to download and review the code.



John Godfrey prepared a guild to automatic scoring with Winscore. Available here.


Winscore Version History:

Contest Scoring Program:


         Rev 7

o   Corrected issue with only 1 practice day

o   Corrected processing of start time edit when the pilot never entered the start cylinder.

         Rev 6

o   Corrected processing of long file names with 6 character SN.


         Rev 5

o   Corrected missing Airfield Bonus for motor glider engine run

o   When duplicate logs encountered, give preference to log with good ENL trace.

         Rev 4

o   Corrected ENL & MOP display when no task was defined.

o   Fixed crash when no valid start occurred.

o   Added warning if Artificial horizon on/off (BFION/BFIOFF)


         Rev 3

o   Corrected altitude and ENL display when no task is defined.


         Rev 2

o   Update for 2022 rules.


         Rev 1 -Beta

o   Added additional practice days

o   Removed Cambridge Logger functions

o   Cleaned and updated for GitHub

         Beta No change from 2021-Rev 14.


         Rev 14

o   Corrected FAI start radius subtraction for incomplete flights.

o   Corrected FAI start radius subtraction.

o   Corrected FAI handicap application


         Rev 10

o   Added start penalty check for FAI tasks.


         Rev 9

o   Corrected date rollover which occurs on the 31st of the month.


         Rev 8

o   Corrected minor distance calculation errors in FAI area tasks.


         Rev 7

o   Updated furthest progress computation on FAI Area tasks to comply with FAI rules.


         Rev 6

o   Corrected legacy bug in SSA Assigned task score calculations

o   Corrected airfield bonus award


         Rev 5

o   Corrected land out distance to conform to FAI Bullshit.

o   Added airfield bonus points to final score, not the provisional



         Rev 4

o   Corrected STOC to always use MINTIME for FAI & *HANDICAPPED* classes

o   Permitted .5 radius turn areas.


         Rev 3

o   Fixed spurious warning about task lengths for FAI tasks.

o   Toned down the FAI Experimental task nag message for task creation.

o   No automatic airport bonus for FAI with distance < 100km

o   Added % complete (N/Dm) for FAI task information output

o   Corrected FAI max scores from being negative when 0 constants started.

         Rev 2

o   Updates for FAI Alternate Scoring.


         Rev 1

         Corrected the score uploader to send scores to members.ssa.org instead of www.ssa.org.


2021 Beta

         No change from 2020 Rev 2 version.




Winscore Support:

Support of the scoring and viewing programs is provided by the author, Guy Byars.

The best way to contact him is via email:

For critical support issues, Guy's cell phone is: 513-307-1484

In your initial mail message to Guy, please include a complete description of your problem and also attach the Winscore data file (.wscx) to the email. If you are having problem with the evaluation of a flight log, you should also attach the IGC file for the flight in question.  Including this information with your initial email will speed up your support.