A US soaring contest scoring system

About Winscore:

Winscore is a robust and easy to use Windows based scoring program for soaring contests in the US.  The scoring program is used at soaring contests to calculate contestant speeds, distances, scores, and to generate score sheets. The scoring program also can generate .zip files which contains the GPS flight traces (.igc files) and scoring information (.xml) for each contestant. These .zip files can then be put on a web page where Internet users can view a replay of the contestant's flights for that day.

Download Winscore:

Winscore Program (Windows  Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10):


        These tutorials were made available via www.youtube.com.  For best results, view the tutorial in full screen mode


Winscore Version History:

Contest Scoring Program:

   2017 Rev 4:

·         Added No Log Found text override function

·         Made finishing below finish cylinder an incomplete task.


   2017 Rev 3:

·         Fixed TAT Radii exported for Assigned Tasks

·         Changed nomenclature from Assigned Speed Task to Assigned Task.

·         Fixed problem where check start diagnostics were not displayed when checking a single flight.

·         Fixed Sharing violation during autoscore.


2017 Rev 2:

·         Fixed bug in contestant import from xml

·         Added Club Class

·         Accepted as OK when SSA server returns "Bad File Type"

·         Added the current wscx file to the flight log .zip file


2017 Rev 1:

·         Removed timestamp verification for flight logs

·         Corrected saved password retrieval

·         Corrected FAI Handicapped class import

·         Corrected Start time edit after 1st turnpoint was achieved.

2017 Beta 3:

·         Updated for new 2017 STOC formula

·         Corrected contest penalty application on practice days

·         Added library of tasks

·         Changed contest file format to .wscx (xml based), and discontinued the .wsc format.

·         Moved registry settings from the system registry to the contest file.

·         Autoscore capability (email download, analysis, send to SSA)

·         Added Copy and Save_As options when viewing a task or flight.

2017 Beta 2:

·         Warning resolution panel, one click to apply penalties.

·         Autoscore capability (email download, analysis, send to SSA)

·         Multiple Log processing (selects the best scoring)

·         Image “Copy” command in task/flight display menu.

·         Implemented new algorithm for Best Start selection.  Best scoring start is now easily accomplished. (Two Steps)

·         Program checks for updated handicap list on www.ssa.org and prompts the scorer to download and install.

·         New handicap summary report is generated.

·         Handicap value computation was refined during contestant download from www.ssa.org.

2016 - Rev 3:

·         Handicap List is now read real time from the SSA website, not a local file

·         Added logic to automatically select the latest penalty free start (not guaranteed to produce the best score)

·         Added logic to automatically land out motorgliders who do an engine retrieve

2016 - Rev 2:

·         Made Standard Class handicapped by default

·         Fixed MAT analysis problem where tasks cut short were scored as incomplete

·         Added some convenience pre-defined penalty codes

·         Fixed incorrect display of BESTDIST in the scoring info output

·         Fixed inclusion of spurious turnpoints in the turnpoint edit box for MATS

·         Fixed installer to put several manufacturer supplied security dlls in the correct system directory

·         Changed security check to first check for later "igc-*2.dll" versions.

2016 - Rev 1:

·         Fixed incorrect contest penalty application & Streamlined Contestant import

·         Updated handicap information.

2016 - Rev 0 - Updated for 2016 Rules


Winscore Support:

Support of the scoring and viewing programs is provided by the author, Guy Byars.

The best way to contact him is via email:

For critical support issues, Guy's cell phone is: 513-307-1484

In your initial mail message to Guy, please include a complete description of your problem and also attach the Winscore data file (.wsc) to the email. If you are having problem with the evaluation of a flight log, you should also attach the IGC file for the flight in question.  Including this information with your initial email will speed up your support.

Note, some email programs have problems with attachments that have a .wsc extension.  To avoid this problem, you can send the contest data in .xml format.  To do this from Winscore, simply go to File->Export->Entire Contest in XML... and export an .xml file, then attach it to your email along with any .igc files that are causing problems. 

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