A US soaring contest scoring system

About Winscore:

Winscore is a robust and easy to use Windows based scoring program for soaring contests in the US.  The scoring program is used at soaring contests to calculate contestant speeds, distances, scores, and to generate score sheets. The scoring program also can generate .zip files which contains the GPS flight traces (.igc files) and scoring information (.xml) for each contestant. These .zip files can then be put on a web page where Internet users can view a replay of the contestant's flights for that day.

Download Winscore:

Winscore Program (Windows  Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10):


John Godfrey prepared a guild to automatic scoring with Winscore. Available here.

The tutorials below were made available via www.youtube.com.  For best results, view the tutorial in full screen mode


Winscore Version History:

Contest Scoring Program:

2019 Rev 1

         Changed TP radii to .5 (achieved) and 1.5 (missed)

         Fixed SUA airspace relative name with no wscx file created.

         Updated Finish Penalty to 2019 rules.

         Updated MotorGlider airfield parameters, 1 mile and 800 ft.

         Updated handicap weight formula and removed handicap turbulation adjustment.


2018 Rev 17

         Used ssl and port 443 to upload to www.ssa.org

2018 Rev 16

         Access www.ssa.org via "https" instead of "http"

         Corrected SUA display for certain ANTI-CLOCKWISE segments.

         Corrected non-US units conversion on flight display.

         Output improved warning when a turnpoint file with an invalid turnpoint ID is imported.


2018 Rev 15

         Corrected typo in SSA contestant download warning.

         Added check for reasonable handicap values in Contestant entry dialog.

         Added handicap value lookup and update when the glider selection combo is changed on contestant dialog.

2018 Rev 14


         Fixed 25 point error in start penalty recommendation.

         Included actual distance in SMTD/2 error message.

         If scoresheet submission in autoscore failed, then retry to send on the next cycle.

2018 Rev 13

         Let autoscore continue in the event of an error, but 5 errors and you're out.

         Added additional filter to motor run detection

         Fixed possible crash when analyze all is done, then the 2nd of a multiple flight log was selected.

2018 Rev 12

         Added provision for 2ndary SUA airspace file

         Changed wording of error message when contestants with duplicate CIDs are downloaded from ssa.org.


2018 Rev 11

         Made Flight Log .zip export file names consistent and unique.

         Fixed version ID when converting IGC files to long file names during import.

         Fixed "guests at bottom of scoresheet" option



2018 Rev 10

         Corrected altitude computation when crossing finish gate line.

         Fixed intermittent crash when double flight logs appear in flight list.

         Lowered program tolerance to flag motor runs more reliably. Of course, this will increase the false positives.


2018 Rev 9

         Corrected altitude correction to conform to rule


2018 Rev 8

         Added additional diagnostics if scoresheet fails in autoexport.

Added CoInitialize() call to autoscore thread.


2018 Rev 6 & 7

         Added additional diagnostics if scoresheet fails in autoexport.


2018 Rev 5

         Corrected absence of certain scoring parameters on scoresheet for practice day.

         Added additional diagnostics if scoresheet fails in autoexport.

2018 Rev 4

         Changed text of Finish penalty warning in warning resolution box

         Warned if contestants have duplicate CIDs when importing from ssa.org

         Changed the airfield bonus award radius to 1.00 statute miles.

         Deactivated obsolete distance calculation checkbox option on Start Gate dialog


2018 Rev 3

         Fixed bogus finish penalty recomendation

2018 Rev 2

         Fixed zero score with dist<SMTD/2.

         Fixed Airfield Bonus after motor run.


2018 Rev 1

         Initial 2018 update.

         Updated Cylinder Finish to 2018 rules.

         Updated Start Penalty to 2018 rules.

         Updated Missed Turnpoint Penalty to 2018 rules.



Winscore Support:

Support of the scoring and viewing programs is provided by the author, Guy Byars.

The best way to contact him is via email:

For critical support issues, Guy's cell phone is: 513-307-1484

In your initial mail message to Guy, please include a complete description of your problem and also attach the Winscore data file (.wscx) to the email. If you are having problem with the evaluation of a flight log, you should also attach the IGC file for the flight in question.  Including this information with your initial email will speed up your support.